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Artificial flowers: yay or nay?

I absolutely love fresh flowers. There was a time I had a very good florist close to my home so I was trying to keep fresh flowers in the house every 2 weeks and for when guests were around.

Sadly, the shop closed and buying flowers became kind of a mission. I remember one Christmas I really wanted some red roses and Christmas traditional flowers and plants, so I went to Grafton Street to get some (they actually have some fabulous flowers there). But carrying the flowers while taking the bus and the train is not the easiest thing to do. If you go by car you will be able to pull off though.

Having logistics as strike one to my flower mission, the second challenge was to keep them. I am not that bad when we are talking about flowers, but try me with plants. I kill them all and I don't know how. A friend of mine was actually laughing at me because I killed a Yucca plant in 6 months and they usually last for 3 years.


Another "to do list" point when it comes to fresh flowers: we have to replace them often so the whole house looks nice and cheerful. I have pretty busy days, so sometimes (a lot of times) I would just not have the time to get the flowers every week or fortnight.

That been said, I decided to try artificial flowers. I know, it is a very controversial topic among interior designers, but they make my life so easy. My home always has something green or colourful, you can re use them and play with seasons without stressing to much.


Judge me that I took the easiest road, but I don't regret. So since then I started buying some good artificial flowers and I have been looking for some plants too. The secret is to buy quality flowers. Even if they are more expensive, you need to think you get to RE USE them. That's magical and over time will pay off the money invested.

So before going ahead and buying your own artificial flowers, follow these 4 tips:

  • focus on quality (always! this is the key!)

  • buy nice and fancy vases for them (they will look expensive)

  • If the vase is see through, put some water so they can look real

  • create arrangements

  • change your flowers according to season to create interest

You can keep fresh flowers for when you are having guests staying over or hosting a dinner party. Unless you have a a big budget to hire a flower company to do all the above for you, the artificial flowers can be a good solution to keep your home colourful and lively.


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