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Outdoor Styling: what do you need to create your design?

Summer is nearly here so why not prepare your outdoor area to enjoy a bit of fresh air.

Check out some of the tips we have for you. Simple ways to dress up your lounge.

1 – Cushions

Set up your style with cushions. They can change each year and they don’t need to cost a lot. One summer you can go black and white and the next one Amalfi coast inspired. Have fun!

2 – Rug

It helps to demarcate the different areas in your patio such as dining and lounging. It also makes the environment more cosy and stylish. Outdoor rugs are strong and resistant to the rain and cold. However, in order to keep them looking good for longer, it is advised to bring them to a covered area during the winter time (your shed, for example).

3 – Mirror

Add a touch of style with a mirror. It will probably get rusty, but hey it is an outdoor area, so that’s the beauty. You can get some very generic style of mirror to complete your scheme so it will go along with any colour palette you might choose to go each year. I would recommend a mirror frame in gold or rattan/bamboo. Timeless.

4 – Throws

You will need a throw if you want to be warm and comfy in the evening (unless you are in pretty hot country, not my case). Well, I need and I love it! The throws also add more texture, style and can tie up your scheme as ideally they will be in harmony with the colours and style you chose to decorate your area.

5 - Drinks table

Not only functional, but it is also a chic element to have in your lounge that helps to elevate your scheme. Garden stools can be perfect to function as drink tables and also as an extra seat when it is needed.

For my own outdoor scheme, I chose to keep classic and work around black and white. I already have the furniture and the bamboo trees beside them. So here it is what I thought for me:

1. Cushion cover from €2.00 - Ikea

2. Throw €10.00 - Ikea

3. Cushion cover €22.90 - H&M Home

4. Mirror €69.90 - Zara Home

5. Garden Stool €92.00 -

6. Rug €99.00 - Ikea

7. Vases (set of 3) €12.00 - Ikea

8. Lantern (small) €7.00 - Ikea

And here it is how it will look like with the furniture:

Now let's say that for next year I want a different scheme and I don't want to be spending too much. So I would go with Amalfi coast inspiration, keeping some of the black and white scheme elements in order to not splurge in my second design.

I changed cushions, mirror and added some lemons in a jar for an Amalfi decor effect. I also added a smaller rug (cheaper) on top of the main black rug. You can always keep the same mirror or rug. I could have kept the black mirror and add a bit more shades of blue with some art work or more throws. Same with rug, you can keep only the black one as it is a plain design, but if you feel you need to give more brightness to the scheme, layering a smaller rug on top of the main one can do the job.

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