For all new homeowners (new build or existing houses), this is the perfect opportunity for you to start your dream home in the right direction. Allow us to guide you through the details that later you might think "I wish I had it done when we moved in"


Important guide lines to clarify your doubts so you start your home design journey in the best way.


This package includes:


1 - FLOW:

               Flooring decision 

               Colour scheme 



               Hardware decisions (knobs, handles, switches, plugs)



               Review of your current ceiling lighting plan

               Additional lighting location suggestion (when needed)


You will receive a report at the end of the consultation listing all that was covered during the consultation so you can have all information necessary to start your project.


*Please note that lighting plan doesn't include light fixture design suggestion.

**Please note it doesn't include furniture design/style suggestions or any other design specification.


We will get in touch with you within 24h of purchase.


New Home Consultation


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