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  • Roberta Lima

Outdoor Styling Makeover

I am thrilled to share the transformation of our outdoor and show how small changes can make a big impact.

The goal was to create an oasis that seamlessly blends with the surrounding nature. Over the years, we incorporated greenery and blooming flowers to bring a relax feel to the outdoor but also a sense of privacy considering we live in a state and we can be quite exposed when using the garden.

We then added a cozy seating area that invite you to unwind and reconnect with nature. Wood on the walls and a covered area (essential for our kind of weather) make the lounge area comfortable and a space to be used throughout the year. Honestly, not in January because of the rain and the wind, but all other months we are good to go!

We have been investing in the space for a few years and we love to see how far the garden has come since we started. However, the lounge area needed some TLC, so I worked on adding/changing small things that would benefit the overall feel of the space.

How it started...

How it is going...

Colour palette

I kept the colour palette fairly neutral adding some hues of blue through accessories and paint. The blue makes the space more interesting as well as keeping it tranquil. It complements the natural surroundings and adds a pop of joy to the entire area.


Set up your style with cushions. They can change each year and they don’t need to cost a lot. One summer you can go black and white and the next one Amalfi coast inspired. Have fun. For my outdoor, the cushions were essential to bring the colour palette goals to life.


The big change was the colour of the floor. While some may think I was crazy, others may agree it was a good change. The floor was stained, nothing would have made the floor even again and we were not going to change the slabs this year. So instead of living with that old, stained floor, I painted over with masonry paint. It brightened up the area and it made look more cohesive and fresh.



Outdoor Rug

It helps to demarcate the different areas in your patio such as dining and lounging. It also makes the environment more cosy and stylish. Outdoor rugs are strong and resistant to the rain and cold. However, in order to keep them looking good for longer, it is advised to bring them to a covered area during the winter time (your shed, for example).


When the sun sets, the magic of outdoor lighting takes over! We strategically placed string lights throughout the space to cast a warm and inviting glow, making evenings outdoors just as delightful as the daytime.


Yes, I am obsessed with sun mirrors and I could not resist but add sun mirrors in the outdoor as well. It elevates the space and it makes it more complete. The mirrors will get old over time, but the change of colour or rust will only add character to it.

PS: we have a little heater on the wall to be used during the cold season.

I am incredibly grateful to have a fabulous outdoor retreat in our backyard. The nature is the true star of the show. I just gave a little spark so we could enjoy the views.

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