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  • Roberta Lima

5 Designs I love

The list of spaces I love is quite endless, but there are always some designs I often go back to as they bring me an awful lot of inspiration.

It is hard to narrow down the list, but I tried.

Get inspired by these beautiful spaces.

1 - Dining room at the Château du Grand-Lucé

by Timothy Corrigan

The pink wall is what draws me to this room. Beautiful choice of colour.

2 - This bedroom at Kip's Bay Show House

by Mark D Sikes

Several elements in this space make my heart beat faster: blue and green, chinoiserie wallpaper, soft blues soothing the scheme and pattern play.

3 - Creative hallway design

by Summer Thornton

Any space can be stylish and interesting. The creativity here is what stands out to me.

Lacquered walls, geometric flooring, pink walls, lighting effects and classic/modern dancing together.

I love how chic and glamorous this room is, but also cool. The art on the ledge makes it more casual and the geometric flooring injects that dash of modernity.

4 - The Blue Library

by Paloma Contreras

By far one of my favorite rooms ever. Soft blue lacquered walls and bright patterned fabrics make this room to be in perfect balance.

The sisal rug contrasts beautifully with the lacquered walls and it is a fantastic yet simple way to ground the design.

Classic, modern, glamorous and liveable. It says a lot about my style too.

5 - Stylish sunroom

by Shelley Johnstone

Whimsical and elegant. Traditional and relaxing. This is my kind of room.

Classic chairs and wicker elements is juxtaposition at its best.

The lacquered ceiling in soft green makes the room brighter and complete.

It is all in the details.

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