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Beyond the design: useful items for you and your newborn

It was really fun to design a nursery and along the way I did an extensive research to find items that would help me with my routine with my newborn.

Thinking of saving you some time, I listed the items that made a lot of difference on our day to day and you can get them even if you decided to hold off on the nursery right now.

Here are the items and I hope that helps!

1 - Leander Changing mat

I had 3 criterias for the changing mat: wipeable, portable and secure. The Leander changing mat is all that plus comfortable for the baby as its surface is not harsh and it adapts to the temperature. Totally recommend.

2 - The Dreamegg (white noise)

Newborns need white noise to sleep. The white noise really works.

The Dreamegg has different sounds and volume control (the recommendation is that the volume is high sometimes, so it is helpful that you can have this option). You can find the sound that works best for you. For us, the one that imitates the "sshh" sound works wonders.

The Dreamegg is small and portable making easier to bring around (car, pram, cot, etc...)

3 - Angelcare Newborn bath support

Fear no more, you can feel more confident when giving your newborn a bath using this bath supporter. Thumbs up for this accessory as it makes the experience less overwhelming.

4 - Nappy bin

The nappy bin from Angelcare fits about 30 nappies and completely blocks the smell from it. It is a must have.

6 - The Snuzpod Crib

The Snuzpod has a good design, not only to look at but it is portable, comfortable, breathable and it can be used as a co-sleeper too. The perfect item for the first 6 months when the baby is sleeping in the same room as you.

7 - IKEA Changing table

If you are building a nappy station in your bedroom, in order to spare your back while changing the baby during the night, I recommend the IKEA changing table as it is compact, functional and cheap. Also get the items to hang on the changing table as you will need for nappies, water wipes, etc. Very handy.

8 - Baby Bjorn Bouncer

I thought a lot about getting those that are bigger, with toys or that work itself, but in the end the Baby Bjorn was definitely the best choice as it can easily go with you around the house. My baby loves it.

It also looks good in the living room. We chose a neutral colour, so the good design and the colour blends quite nicely in the overall scheme.

9 - BB Hugme Pregnancy pillow

I was hesitating in buying this pillow when I was pregnant thinking I would not need nor use it. This item was a game changer for my sleep and now it is an important accessory when breastfeeding my baby. It is comfy and versatile, a must have.

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