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  • Roberta Lima

My go-to white paints

Finding the right shade of white can be a difficult task. One wrong move and the tone can be more yellow than you would expect or with a light pink undertone and many other surprises.

As whites are probably the most difficult colour to get right, do not skip the step of checking the samples in the space you wish to paint. Consider light and the environment before making your decision as the colour can change according to the ambience.

To help you, I am sharing my go-to whites that I often use in my projects:

1 - Milk Teeth by Colourtrend

A pure bright white. It is clean and beautiful.

2 - Alabaster White by Colourtrend

The most perfect and elegant off white. It is creamy carrying a light and subtle yellow undertone that is not noticeable. It is in fact the element that makes this colour so cosy, chic and timeless.

3. Soda Bread by Colourtrend

A warm white with a light pink undertone that really only serves to warm up the colour.

4. Shell Cove by Colourtrend

Your go-to if you are looking for a white that is a little more cool and pigmented.

In my experience, usually Milk Teeth and Alabaster White (my two favourite by far) work in most rooms and they work beautifully together. But you should still check your samples before you purchase the paint to avoid any costly mistake.

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